General Partner Entities

The accounting and investor data for your General Partner entities is integrated with the same seamless, customized system used for your investment funds. As a result, related transactions are recorded simultaneously. This dramatically increases accounting and reporting efficiencies. Immediate access is available to you for review as needed — and your data and reports can be easily downloaded in various formats.

Services include:

  • Annual and interim financial reporting
  • Facilitate cash transfers, vendor payments and inter-bank transfers
  • Monitor cash receipts
  • Investor capital account maintenance and reporting
  • Coordinate capital call process
  • Cash and in-kind distribution processing
  • Profit and loss allocation processing
  • Track, allocate and distribute carried interest plan
  • Manage independent audits
  • Annual tax allocations for review by independent tax accountants
  • Coordinate preparation and distribution of K-1 Schedules
  • Secure Web-based delivery and dynamic reporting
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