Institutional Investors Portfolios

Broadscope provides cash management, accounting and reporting services to institutional investors managing large portfolios of alternative investment funds. Your portfolio and other accounting data is integrated into one seamless, customized system — no patchwork of different technologies, no work-around processing. This facilitates efficiencies and dramatically reduces the risk of error. Each workflow process is designed to provide you with timely access to your portfolio data for review as needed.

Investment data and all related reports for your investment portfolios are maintained in a secure data environment in the cloud and are available via our Client Extranet, our secure, two-way communications portal. Online access and dynamic reporting capabilities are provided for immediate — access and your data and reports are easily downloadable in various formats.

Accounting and Reporting Services

  • Accounting for portfolio and other transactions as necessary
  • Facilitate capital calls from underlying investments and other payments
  • Monitor cash distributions and other cash receipts
  • Monitor receipt of in-kind distributions
  • Cash forecasting of portfolio funding requirements
  • IRR and other portfolio performance reporting
  • Look-through reporting of underlying investment holdings
  • Coordinate review of portfolio holdings with independent audit firm
  • Reconcile holdings with external custodian and other service providers
  • Secure Web-based delivery and dynamic reporting

Tax Services

  • Monitor UBTI and ECI related transactions
  • Coordinate tax estimates
  • Summarize K-1 and other tax activity of portfolio holdings for review with independent tax firm
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