Management Companies

Broadscope provides accounting, tax and administrative services required to support your Management Company. These services are provided by the same client service team who administers your investment funds and General Partner entities. Broadscopeā€™s Management Company administrative offering completes the full turnkey solution that complements our comprehensive suite of fund administration services.

Services include:

  • Prepare annual budget
  • Monthly budget to actual reporting
  • Monitor cash receipts
  • Manage vendor accounts payable and process payment of vendor invoices
  • Reconcile inter-company accounts within fund complex
  • Invoice and monitor reimbursements from portfolio company investment entities
  • Manage payroll with outside vendor
  • Coordinate with other specialist service providers
  • Prepare annual financial statements
  • Manage independent audit process
  • Tax strategy identification and planning
  • Manage independent tax process
  • Secure Web-based delivery
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