Private Equity Investment Funds

Your accounting and investor data is integrated into a seamless, single platform system that is extremely flexible and customizable. There is no patchwork of different technologies, no work-around processing and no layered front ends sitting on old technologies. Our technology solution facilitates efficiencies and dramatically reduces the risk of error. Each workflow process — capital calls, distributions, allocations, portfolio purchases and sales, etc. — is automated within our system and processed using proven checks and balances.

Investment and investor detail and all related reports for all of your fund entities are maintained in a secure data environment in the cloud, accessible via the Client Extranet, our secure, two-way communications portal. Online access and dynamic reporting capabilities are provided for immediate access — and your data and reports are easily downloadable in various formats.

Accounting and Reporting Services

  • Annual and interim financial reporting
  • Investor capital account maintenance and reporting
  • Management fee calculation and allocation
  • Profit and loss allocation processing
  • Carried interest allocation and distribution calculations
  • Portfolio investment tracking for specific allocations at the GP level
  • Gross and net IRR computations
  • Portfolio performance reporting
  • Track portfolio detail using client-defined metrics
  • Track and reconcile underlying investments for fund of funds entities
  • Manage independent audits

Tax Services

  • Tax strategy identification and planning
  • UBTI, ECI and foreign withholding reporting
  • Annual tax allocations through investor level, for review by independent tax accountants
  • Annual tax estimates for fund of funds entities and direct funds with portfolios that include flow-through investments
  • Coordinate preparation of K-1 Schedules
  • Manage independent tax review and filing of final tax returns

Cash Management and Administrative Services

  • Review of fund documents during fund formation
  • Monitor cash receipts
  • Manage cash and short-term investments
  • Facilitate cash transfers and payments for funding portfolio investments
  • Manage vendor accounts payable
  • Coordinate capital call process
  • Coordinate cash and in-kind distributions
  • Monitor cash forecasting for fund of funds entities

Investor Services

  • Coordinate fulfillment of all investor deliverables
  • Secure Web-based delivery and dynamic reporting
  • Maintain investor and related contact data using a proactive approach to ensure data is current
  • Assist with transfers of ownership interests
  • Timely response to investor inquiries
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